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loveisntrealgoaway replied to your post: The only time I will ever use the feminism tag for anything ever

i don’t really know about sex does that really happen?? guys say that??? i’m such a child omg

Hahaha oh my god you’re a cutie. No well if you watch nasty shit porn like I do, you see all kinds of intolerable crap. Guys that are bigot assholes waving (or literally smacking) their cock in your face and expecting you to love it all because they think that you depend on them for these supposed grandiose waves of pleasure like NO fuck that i have a vagina and like 10 fingers not that im gonna use all of them at once but you know what, fuck, i could if i really wanted to

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  1. subcatagorey said: LOL that last bit. *waves my 10 fingers in the air proud now*
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